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Beginning Your Mental Health Journey

Price: $2,499 for the Initial Workshop

Save $300 on Additional Workshops

Features Included
One foundational workshop

Access to OtherKind's basic resource toolkit

Entry-level support for ERG initiatives

Access to future updates

1 year of updates




Deepen Your Mental Health Commitment

Custom pricing based on engagement and workshop frequency.

Additional Workshops: Further reduced rates for added sessions.

Features Included
All offerings of the Foundation Tier.

Enhanced resource library

Additional coaching options.

Advanced support for ERG initiatives and broader employee engagement.

Preferential pricing on OtherKind’s extended product suite.

Access to future updates

1 year of updates




Comprehensive Support

Price: Premium pricing for an all-inclusive service experience.

Additional Workshops: Most favorable rates for comprehensive workshop access.

Features Included:
All benefits of the Growth Tier.

Inclusive of crisis management consultancy and ongoing strategic advisement.

Top-tier support for ERG initiatives and mental wellness programs.

Exclusive access to leadership coaching sessions.

Subscriptions to all open groups, workshops, and premium content.

Access to future updates

1 year of updates

Build Belonging

Support Your ERGs

Enhance the effectiveness and impact of Employee Resource Groups with OtherKind's specialized mental health and DEI expertise.

  • Empower ERG Leadership
  • Strengthen ERG Impact and Reach
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Increase Retention

Retain Your Best People

Maintain a thriving workforce by ensuring everyone feels valued and supported with OtherKind's inclusive mental health services.

  • Foster a Supportive Environment
  • Build Long-Term Employee Loyalty
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Increase Preformance

Drive Exceptional Effort

Boost productivity and engagement by nurturing a workplace culture centered on mental well-being and empathy with OtherKind.

  • Elevate Workplace Productivity
  • Cultivate a Culture of Engagement
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What makes us unique?

Custom Inclusive Support

Tailored mental health solutions that respect and actively support individual diversity.

On-Demand Expert Guidance

Immediate access to expert clinicians, ensuring timely and responsive support for all team members.

Evidence-Based Wellness Strategies

Utilizing advanced analytics to implement strategies that meet evolving mental health needs.

Support All Your ERGs

Enhance ERG effectiveness, fostering support systems that boost collective well-being.
The level of dedication and expertise in customizing workshops for our diverse employee group was truly exceptional.
As an ERG Lead, saving time is crucial. OtherKind understands this intuitively - they were quick to analyze our staff array, devise appropriate mental health support strategies, and put these into action promptly. Engaging with their team was a breath of fresh air.
 The unique strength of OtherKind lies in their ability to harness individual experiences. They assembled a psychologist matched to the specific cultural orientation of our workforce, which significantly improved our ERG's mental health understanding and awareness. There is no one-size-fits-all with OtherKind, they truly grasp the tenors of cultural congruence. - CPO
My experience with OtherKind's one-on-one sessions was transformative. As a participant, I felt seen, heard, and genuinely supported. Even more, the psychological insights and tools I received were tailor-made for my unique circumstances, making a real difference to my well-being. I anticipated a standard consultation; instead, I found an empathetic guide in OtherKind. It's genuinely been one of the most helpful experiences of my professional journey.

Got a question? We've got answers!

What services does OtherKind provide?

OtherKind is an innovative mental wellness organization committed to fostering inclusive workplace environments. We specialize in providing customized mental health support that acknowledges and respects the unique experiences and needs of every individual. Our services include on-demand access to expert clinicians, support for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and evidence-based wellness strategies, all aimed at empowering employees and enhancing the overall culture of inclusion within organizations.

We already have an EAP and other mental health services how do you fit in?

OtherKind complements existing Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and mental health services by offering specialized support that focuses on cultural congruence and inclusion. While traditional EAPs provide a broad range of services, OtherKind's expertise lies in our ability to deliver personalized, on-demand mental health support tailored to the diverse needs of your workforce. Our approach is designed to work in tandem with your current programs, filling in gaps especially related to inclusivity and immediate access to expert care, thereby enhancing your overall mental wellness strategy.

Do you provide clinical care?

Well, it's a bit like having a world-class chef in a kitchen who doesn't cook the meals but ensures you get the best dish! As of now, OtherKind hires licensed clinicians, but they don't directly provide clinical care. It's a bit tricky, you see. Because we're committed to delivering the highest quality care, our clinicians act more like expert navigators. They connect you with our mental health partners, like Wire Health, to find top-notch local clinical care that suits your specific needs. Think of us as your personal GPS for mental wellness – guiding you to the right destination, even if we're not the ones driving the car!

Where are you located and who do you work with?

OtherKind is headquartered Brooklyn, New Yotk, but our services are accessible globally, leveraging digital platforms to reach a wide audience. We partner with a diverse range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations, across various industries. Our focus is on working with companies that are committed to creating inclusive, supportive work environments and prioritize the mental well-being of their employees. Whether your organization is just beginning its journey towards a more inclusive workplace or looking to enhance existing initiatives, OtherKind is equipped to collaborate and drive meaningful impact.